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Managing large contact files can be a daunting task, mainly for the vCard files. A vCard (Virtual Contact File) is a general file format used to store and trade contact files for people or organizations. Therefore, to address this issue we have the solution in the form of an Online vCard Splitter. With this, you can easily divide large vCard files into smaller ones. Splitting the large VCF files not only improves the overall performance of the email client but also makes it easier to manage the files.

  • Simple & Quick Method to Split VCF File Online without any Charge or Sign-up
  • Customize Split: Split VCF File Online by Size(in KB)
  • No Limitation on File Size to use the Online vCard Splitter
  • Supports All Version of VCF such as vCard 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0

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How to Use vCard Splitter Online

Use the vCard Splitter to divide large contact files with the following steps

Step 1

Add VCF files using the Selectbutton

Step 2

Now, Enter a Number to Split by Size(in KB)

Step 3

Press Split Contacts, in minutes split large vCard files to smaller File

Traits of Online vCard Splitter

Explore the Advanced Functionality of the Free VCF Splitter

Efficient vCard File Splitting

Online vCard Splitters are geared up to effectively break down huge vCard into smaller files, more achievable chunks. Users have the flexibility to outline the dimensions of every split file.

Preservation of Data Integrity

A vCard Splitter ensures that the splitting technique does not compromise the integrity of your contact information. All the critical factors are retained in their unique manner, making certain of a seamless transition after splitting.

User-Friendly Online VCF Splitter

It includes intuitive interfaces that make the splitting system user-friendly. With easy commands and minimal getting-to-know curves, users of all ranges can correctly manage their vCard files without any problem.

Free vCard Splitting

Online vCard Splitters aid the free processing of VCF contact files, allowing users to split more than one VCF file. This is beneficial for those dealing with a large quantity of files.

Compatible with All VCF Version

The vCard file divider is designed to be compatible with numerous versions of VCF files, making sure of wide usability. Whether you use Thunderbird, Apple Mail, or another VCF-compatible client.

Organized File Management

Smaller, greater manageable VCF contact files make it simpler to arrange and categorize your files. This is particularly useful for users with large contact information.

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Free Online vCard Splitterto Divide Large vCard Files

Enhanced Performance with vCard Spitter

By breaking down large vCard files significantly improves the performance of your email client, if you transfer the files to any. It ensures smooth navigation and faster response times.

Split VCF file online with Customized Option

With splitting options, divide large VCF files into smaller ones such as split vCard file to smaller files by file size. With this users can enhance the VCF Splitting process effortlessly.

Frequently AskedQuestions

Online vCard Splitter is designed to split VCF file online into smaller manageable parts. It is particularly useful when dealing with oversized contact files to enhance email client performance, organize the files and optimise storage space.

It works by analysing the content in the vCard files and dividing them based on the user-commanded criteria i.e., Split VCF File online by Size in KB.

Yes. the FreeFileview is a reputable and trustworthy vCard File divider. It is designed to maintain the data integrity during the spitting process.

No. The folder hierarchy will remain intact throughout the splitting procedure. The contact files will remain organized and easily available even after the files are split into smaller parts.

No. The Online vCard File Splitter come with a user-friendly interface making it accessible to users with or without technical expertise.

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