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Split Large MBOX Files with Attachments

Split Large MBOX Files with Attachments with Free MBOX File Splitter

100% safe and secure platform to split MBOX files

MBOX Splitter Online is a free web based solution for users to instantly split large MBOX files without depending upon any additional software. This online solution provides users with multiple split settings to break any MBOX file by size, year, or sender. To do this users just need to select files from their system or drag and drop files to split MBOX files in a 100% safe and secure way.

  • Free MBOX Splitter Online to split MBOX files from any source with attachments.
  • MBOX File Splitter Online instantly split MBOX files with all email metadata.
  • Safely divide MBOX files from your local system with 100% data security.

MBOX Splitter Online

How to Use Free MBOX Splitter Online?

Quick Steps to break MBOX files without any software

Step 1

Click on the “Select Files” button to select any MBOX files

Step 2

Now, choose from“Split Settings” (break files by size, sender, and year)

Step 3

Next, click on “Split MBOX File” to download the resultant files

Advanced Features of Free MBOX File Splitter

Break any MBOX file directly in the browser without any software

Intuitive User Interface

The MBOX Splitter Online has an intuitive user interface to conveniently split large MBOX files directly from the browser.

Completely Free MBOX File Splitter

It is an entirely free service for users to split MBOX files from any source on all platforms.

Secure and Effortless Division of MBOX Files

The Online MBOX File Splitter provides a 100% secure and effortless division of MBOX files from their local system.

Split MBOX Files with Original Folder Structure and Attachments

Users have the ability to break large MBOX files into smaller ones while preserving the original folder structure with related attachments.

Online solution with Multiple Platform Compatibility

It is a free online solution that is compatible with all devices and platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, Ubuntu, etc.

Divide MBOX Files with No Limitations

The online MBOX Splitter doesn’t have any limitation on the number and size of MBOX files to divide.

MBOX Splitter Free

MBOX Splitter Online to Divide Any MBOX File with Advanced Options

Split MBOX Files from Any Source

The Free MBOX File Splitter has the ability to effortlessly split the MBOX files from any source such as Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Outlook, Entourage, etc.

Advance Options to Break Large MBOX Files

The online MBOX File Splitter solution provides users with advanced split settings which enables them to split MBOX files by year, size, and sender.

Commonly Asked Questions

Common FAQs regarding the Free Online MBOX Splitter

In order to split your MBOX files of any size click on the “Select Files” button and choose files from your local storage. Now choose the appropriate option from the various “Split Settings” and then download the resultant files.

Yes, the Free MBOX Splitter online is a browser based solution and is compatible with all devices and platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, Ubuntu, etc.

Yes, this free online solution is capable of breaking your large MBOX files while maintaining the original folder structure with its related attachments.

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