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Preview Emails & Attachments with Free Google Takeout Reader

Get 100% Secure & Free Access to Data on All OS, Mac & Android

The Free Google Takeout Viewer Online is a web based solution for users to instantly view and read their Gmail mailbox files downloaded from Takeout without any email client. The online solution provides a dedicated preview panel to view the email message contents and also download the related attachments. Users just need to select or drag and drop files from their system to view data in a 100% secure way.

  • Free Google Takeout Viewer Online to view Gmail data with attachments
  • Access all Takeout emails with all header attributes
  • View email files from the local system with 100% data security
  • We provide 24*7 FREE customer support via Live Chat and Email Support

Google Takeout Viewer Online

How to Use Free Google Takeout Viewer?

Instant solution to view Takeout Files on any OS, Android & iPhone

Step 1

Click on the box to "Select" or drag and drop files

Step 2

Now, click on email file to view its contents

Step 3

Next, scroll down to download related attachments

Key Features of Online Google Takeout Reader

View Gmail archive data on any browser without any email client

Easy to Navigate Interface

The Online Google Takeout Reader provides users with an easy to navigate interface to conveniently access their data files.

Completely Free Google Takeout Viewer

The online solution is a completely free service for users to view and read emails on any browser.

100% Secure Data Preview

Google Takeout Viewer Online maintains 100% data security for users who want instant access to their Takeout email files.

Preview Emails with Metadata and Attachments

Users get a preview of selected email files on their system in a separate preview panel with access to all its metadata as well as attachments.

Open Multiple Email Files without Size Restriction

Free Google Takeout Reader doesn’t have any restrictions on the number as well as the size of email files you want to preview.

Compatible with All Devices and Platforms

Users can get access to this solution on any device and all platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, Ubuntu, etc.

Online Google Takeout Reader

Free View and Read Takeout Emails with Free Google Takeout Viewer

Access Emails with All Components

The Online Google Takeout Reader provides effortless access to your email files with all its components like to, subject, body, etc. as well as related attachments.

View Emails without Any Installation Requirement

It is a free online solution to view email files, reducing dependency on email clients or any other third party software.

Commonly Asked Queries

Common Queries Related to the Free Google Takeout Viewer

To access the contents of your email files you have to select or just drag and drop Google Takeout files from your local system storage.

Yes, users just need to click on a particular email to view its contents in the preview panel, then scroll down and click on the attachment you want to download.

Yes, the Google Takeout Viewer Online is a free solution and is accessible on web browsers from any platform such as Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, Ubuntu, etc.

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